Return Policy

Dear visitors and buyers of Store Copyright Photos “PrintEli” !

In order to avoid conflicts, please read the following rules of the Return Policy in detail.

1. . Check photos before buying
1.1. Each photos individually and collectible photos can be 100% zoomed in and double-viewed in a lightbox for a detailed display of their quality.
1.2. Each photos individually and collectible photos have a detailed description of the technical characteristics.
2. Return of photos
2.1. Some types of products are non-returnable - such as digital products and downloadable digital products
2.2. Items purchased on this site (in this case digital photos and videos) are intangible and copyright protected, therefore strong cannot be returned .
3. Cost of photos
Each photos individually and collectible photos are purchased under 3 types of Licenses (for more details, see «Licenses»):
- Standard License
- Extended License
- Exclusive License
4. Payment
At the moment, you can pay for purchases using the Pay Pal payment system. Other types of payment are still in development.

If you have any questions or doubts before purchasing images, you can contact the Support Service via Page "Contacts",By selecting the subject of the appeal in the drop-down list "Questions about purchasing photos".